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The team at Windowcraft, Inc brings together the best solar fabric selection for any residential or commercial project, all in one place.


Each timeless weave pattern is fashionably understated, allowing every shade to stand out with subtlety. The earthy color selection mimics organic tones allowing you to create shades that naturally blend into the environment in which they are installed. Regardless of which style you choose, the energy savings you will receive from using these fabrics will always be in fashion.


Many of our products are covered by the Ecofabrix® Five Year Warranty, which guarantees that these fabrics are crafted to both protect and endure. Ecofabrix® is committed to providing high performance fabrics that are dependable, not disposable. Our color choices and weave patterns have been selected to blend seamlessly with all design choices making Ecofabrix® timeless, not trendy.


Looking out the window won’t be the same if there is nothing left to look at and that is why we believe in responsible and sustainable manufacturing. From Korea to Spain to China to the USA, we have searched the world for the best solar protective fabrics on the market, choosing vendors who support this cause with production methods that dignify and respect our shared planet.

Not only will these fabrics improve your world indoors by conserving energy, but they also protect the world outdoors by being manufactured responsibly. With Ecofabrix® on your windows, you can be certain that you are truly maintaining the view.

We strive to make our colors as accurate as possible, but screen or print images are intended as a guide only. They should not be regarded as absolutely correct since the colors you see on your screen or on a print-out may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product.

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